October 21, 2016

During a Facebook live event yesterday, posted by Dan Hanger of Fox21, our owner Rod Raymond misspoke when saying that The Blind Pig uses Yker Acres pork at our establishment. We attribute this to the great job YKer Acres has done with both their marketing and quality of product. It was a slip of the tongue, and an example of how top-of-mind the Yker Acres brand has become.

That said, we are extremely proud to be partnering with Koivisto farms of Cromwell MN. We’ve toured their facilities. And are proud to serve their great beef and pork products in our restaurant. Our spent brewing grain is fed to their livestock, creating a mutually beneficial and symbiotic relationship.

In regard to our hashtag/slogan #feelthesqeal, it is a playful mantra that has more to do with the inner joy you feel when one of our dishes is placed in front of you, or the excitement of being in the HART district. But specifically, it is directly related to our name. The Blind “PIG”, and has nothing to do with our pork, or our suppliers.

Marissa Saurer
Marketing Manager
Just Take Action Inc.